About Us

TrioTech has been providing Toledo area businesses with IT support and proactive IT solutions for over a decade. Our goal from the beginning has been to be solution oriented, cutting through the jargon and technical elements of IT and providing customers with ways to solve their problem in easy to understand and straightforward solutions. Just because our solutions are simplified does not make them any less powerful, as we have access to the latest hardware and software, including scalable IT solutions and cloud computing and data storage, designed to help even the smallest businesses run effectively without the heavy burden of expensive IT.

TrioTech prides ourselves on being able to provide solutions to our unique and diverse clientele, and we understand that each business requires just the right IT combination to run efficiently and effectively. With clients across Toledo in dozens of industries, we've provided IT help to major healthcare organizations, nationwide shipping and transportation companies, construction and engineering firms, and a variety of personal and professional needs. Information technology is one of the most critical needs of any business operating today, large or small, and TrioTech has the technical knowledge and the understanding of Toledo's businesses to provide your company or organization the ideal IT solution to your daily challenges.

Eliminate the headaches of Business Information Technology in your Toledo company, and rely on the experience and expertise of TrioTech, Toledo's most accomplished small business IT consulting firm.

In the Community

TrioTech Corporation is a proud supporter of Nature's Nursery, a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center located in Whitehouse, Ohio. TrioTech provides Nature's Nursery with professional IT services and owner, Jon Marshall, volunteers as a day-keeper and also serves on Nature's Nursery's Board.

"I firmly believe in the work that Nature's Nursery does and I enjoy being a part of it," says Jon. "In the relatively short time I have been working with Nature's Nursery, I have been able to work directly with native wildlife that most people may have never seen outside of a zoo." Nature's Nursery Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation Education is a non-profit organization located in Whitehouse, Ohio. They provide medical care to injured and orphaned wild animals, and conduct nature education programs for children and adults alike. The Center was incorporated in 1989 and was founded by a former Education Curator of the Toledo Zoo.

The mission of Nature's Nursery is to improve the wellbeing of Northwest Ohio wildlife populations and habitat through public education and rehabilitation of injured, ailing, and orphaned wildlife with an emphasis on coexistence. They accept most injured and orphaned wild animals that are native to Ohio. However, due to state regulations, they cannot take deer or coyotes. They also do not take raccoons, companion animals (dogs or cats), livestock, or domestic animals, including domestic rabbits and domestic ducks.

Nature's Nursery is funded solely through private donations from individuals and businesses who care as much about local wildlife as we do. We encourage anyone who appreciates wildlife to visit Nature's Nursery on Facebook or at www.natures-nursery.org to learn how to get involved.

Check out their new live webcam online by clicking here. We hope to have more live feeds soon, so check back often.