Repair, Replace, Restore

We help you recover quickly from system failures, computer crashes, malicious viruses and natural disasters.

Data & Network Security

Triotech wireless network technicians and installers design your wireless network to meet your business needs.

Network Installation & Management

We make sure your systems are proficient enough to accomplish all your tasks.

Switchers & Routers

A switch's function is to allow multiple devises to communicate via the network such as computers, printers and even building to building.

Managed IT Services

TrioTech Corporation provides dedicated technical support personnel on either a short or long term basis to all our clients.

VoIP Phones

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology converts your voice into a digital signal sent and received as data. This enables you to make voice calls with a broadband Internet connection.

Remote Workforce

TrioTech provides end-to-end mobile workforce management. The mobile workforce field applications transform the way you do business.