VOiP Phones

Upgrade your business phone system with VoIP technology.

Traditional analog phone systems have been around for a while now. But the state of modern business technology has moved far beyond plain old telephone service (POTS). Startup costs might be low, but the cost for installation and management of a phone system with limited features and flexibility just isn’t worth it.

That’s why small businesses are choosing VoIP instead. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology converts your voice into a digital signal sent and received as data. This enables you to make voice calls with a broadband Internet connection. Not at the office? No problem. You and your team can get down to business wherever there’s WiFi — at home, on the go or otherwise.

VoIP Benefits for Small Businesses

Enjoy increased flexibility and productivity.

No matter where you and your employees are, communication is as simple as connecting your device to the Internet. The increase in mobility is a lifesaver for those who are always on the move, especially corporate employees who are required to travel and work remotely.

You’ll also see higher overall productivity, since employees can multitask without interruption. Attaching documents, conducting virtual meetings and sharing data via video conferencing is a cinch with VoIP.

Customize phone system management with countless features.

VoIP technology gives you all the essential standard calling features like mute, hold and redial, but now you’ve got access to call recording, voicemail-to-email, on-hold music, conferencing, auto-attendant, do-not-disturb settings and many more.

Save money with cost-effective tech.

VoIP ditches the pricey setup, installation and management costs of traditional phone equipment. Instead, you’ve got a software system that’s easy to install and maintain. And you can add new components with minimal hassle, so scaling your infrastructure is simple.

Long distance VoIP calls are cheaper than traditional cell phone calls, since it’s over the Internet. You no longer need separate phone and data cabling like with traditional telephone systems, which cuts down on cluttering and the costs associated with rewiring and altering infrastructure.

VoIP phone technology is perfect for your Toledo-area business.

TrioTech has been at the forefront of VoIP technology for years. We’ve proudly provided flexible, affordable telephone systems for a wide range of Toledo businesses. When we partner with businesses like yours, it’s our goal to create a system that can meet your current and future needs without a significant cost increase.

VoIP simplifies your communications services network, which means IT affordability, efficiency and scalability are easier than ever for your small or medium-sized business. Here are just a few examples of the advantages you’ll enjoy when you switch to VoIP:

  • You’ll have a single network for voice and data, helping your team boost productivity with easy management tools.
  • One phone number can ring multiple devices to keep your employees connected to each other and to customers.
  • You’ll see reduced phone charges, thanks to less up-front costs, low maintenance cost and no clunky hardware equipment to purchase.
  • You can access features at home, at client offices, in airports and hotels — anywhere you've got a broadband connection.
  • You can easily match your phone system to your current operation, whether you’re downscaling or upscaling.

VoIP Products and Services

TrioTech offers VoIP configuration, installation and maintenance using the telephony industry’s most advanced unified communications systems, software and equipment.

Switchvox: Traditional Calling and VoIP — All in One

Switchvox is a VoIP phone system for smart, modern businesses just like yours. With enterprise class features, an all-inclusive pricing model, and an award-winning design, Switchvox isn’t just another business phone system — it’s the smarter way for your business to take advantage of Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration tools, without a high price tag. The included mobile softphone gives your employees the freedom to communicate how and where they need to. And with 24x7, US-based technical support, you can know your business communications are always covered.

More Power, More Value: On-Premise Phone Systems for SMBs

Your business needs scalability, control and customization from a phone system that is loaded with advanced Unified Communication features, but still affordable. Switchvox on-premise is the answer. Whether you are looking to deploy on a dedicated appliance equipped with state-of-the-art technology or in a virtual environment, Switchvox provides the necessary power and connectivity for any organization.


Switchvox appliances come in multiple sizes so that you have a powerful VoIP phone system built to fit your requirements today — with the flexibility to scale for future growth. As your business needs change, Switchvox Anywhere allows you to seamlessly move to a larger system or migrate to a cloud-based solution. Future-proof your business communications with Switchvox, and rest easy knowing changes to your VoIP system will be hassle-free with minimal associated costs and network changes.

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Digium VoIP Phones: Designed to Empower Business Communication

Digium phones are built specifically for Asterisk-based phone systems. Whether you are looking to complete your Switchvox Unified Communications system or a custom Asterisk-based deployment, Digium offers the best VoIP phones for your office and for your needs. All models include full-color displays, HD Voice, and are available at a price to fit any budget. With multiple line appearances and contextual soft keys, users can access the information they need intuitively and efficiently.

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Harness the power of VoIP phones for optimal business telecommunication.

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